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Plastimo Flexible Watertank 120L Triangle


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Plastimo Flexible Watertank 120L Triangle

The Plastimo high resistance flexible water tanks are a reliable, practical and low cost solution to the storage of fresh water on board. They are flexible, light and form-fitting, and can therefore be installed where it would not be possible to install a rigid water tank, due to the shape of the boat or difficult access.

The double envelope principle makes maintenance easy, as the inner chamber can be easily removed from the outerenvelope for routine cleaning and examination.

Tested and patented : a water chamber inside a tough envelope. The Plastimo water tanks consist of a elded non-porous tasteless PVC water chamber (inner bladder) inside a tough nylon envelope, for complete watertightness and resistance to tearing and abrasion.

Shape of tank Capacity Watertank, complete Spare inner bladder
Square 50 L P18031 P18032
Rectangular  100 L P18033 P16661
150 L P16656 P16663
200 L P16657 P16664
Triangular (Ideal for front cabin) 120 L P16658 P16665

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