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Lanoprotect Propeller Bio-Antifoul & Under Water Lubricant 500ml Tub


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Lanoprotect Propeller Bio-Antifoul & Under Water Lubricant 500ml Tub


LanoProtect Propeller Bio Anti-Foul and Underwater Lubricant is a world first product. It is specifically designed as an Anti-Foul for propellers and as an underwater lubricant suitable for running gear applications. It is also specially formulated with a proactive marine growth inhibitor that has a strangling effect on up to 650 marine organisms. This stops the marine growth from occurring on propellers allowing for increased fuel efficiency to be achieved.

In addition LanoProtect is an excellent under water lubricant that won’t wash away easily. It can be applied both above and below the water surface making it ideal for wave/tidal energy sector, off shore rigs, commercial shipping and much more.

Staying consistent with our eco friendly mandate, LanoProtect remains environmentally friendly, Non toxic and Biodegradable ensuring we continue to protect our environment.

Please Note: LanoProtect Ltd. will not entertain any claim that LanoProtect Bio Anti-Foul is ineffective unless a claimant can clearly demonstrate the product was applied correctly to a propeller as per the documented instructions. Please click here to view application instructions.
LanoProtect Bio Anti-Foul will not be effective if applied on polished metallic surfaces.

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