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XCP Rust Blocker Rust Protection 500ml Trigger Spray


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XCP Rust Blocker Rust Protection 500ml Trigger Spray

HIGH PERFORMANCE RUST PROTECTION SPRAY Market leading protection against moisture and other corrosive elements. Can be wiped, sprayed, brushed or used for dipping. XCP Rust Blocker will provide a long lasting, soft film that resists cracking and provides outstanding protection against rust and corrosion. MEETS MOD STANDARD DEF STAN 68/10 RATED 5 STARS FOR QUALITY AND VALUE BY MOTORCYCLE NEWS USE IT ON Exposed metal surfaces, including engine components, suspension units, undercarriage, box sections, chrome, chains, electrical connections, motors, shafts. spindles, as well as equipment and tools for shipping and storage, and many more! Provides excellent protection against galvanic corrosion. HOW TO USE IT Treat the relevant area directly with a uniform coating of XCP Rust Blocker. If necessary, wipe off excess liquid. Allow the product to dry to a soft coating. Drying time, and amount of ‘tack’ will vary depending on thickness of coating applied and environmental conditions. Repeat as necessary. Repeat application may be required after cleaning or significant abrasion of the treated area. Learn more at



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