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Gurit SP Mini Pump for 106/110/320


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Gurit SP Mini Pump for 106/110/320

Gruit SP Minipumps Information

The SP Minipumps consists of two identical plastic plunger-type pumps, one with a blue top and one with a red top, which are designed to screw directly onto the resin and hardener containers of various Gurit SP Multi-purpose Epoxies.

Each of the Epoxy pumps will dispense exactly the same volume (approximately 5ml) with each stroke. They both feature dip tubes measuring 260mm in length with the idea of modifying depending on use.

SP Minipumps Specifications

Compatible with SP 106, SP 320 & SP 115
Dip Tube Length 260mm

SP Minipumps Mix Ratio by Volume

The table below shows the mix ratio of resin and hardener for Gurit SP Epoxy systems. The minipumps achieve this mixture by depressing the pumps the appropriate number of times as shown. This is a convenient way of providing the essential accuracy required for the different Gurit epoxy systems. It is therefore important to check that the pumps deliver the correct volumes prior to use.

Epoxy System Mix Ratio by Volume Resin Hardener
SP 106 5:1 5 Strokes 1 Stroke
SP 320 5:2 5 Strokes 2 Strokes
SP 115 5:2 5 Strokes 2 Strokes


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