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Glomex S/S Deck Mount for V9112 & V9150


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Glomex S/S Deck Mount for V9112 & V9150


V9172 is the new Glomex strong stainless steel mount, developed for perfect fitting in the new DVBT TV antennas Nashira (V9112/12) and Adhara (V9150/12).

This new mount is characterized by:
* High quality material
* micro-fused, electro-polished and hand-polished stainless steel
* Aerodynamic lines
* Innovative design
* Mountig by only two screws
Moreover, the new design well matches with those of Nashira and Adhara.
Glomex has developed this new mount for
ensuring the best antenna’s stability in any sea conditions.
For all of these reasons we suggest you to use V9172 as the mount of our Nashira and Adhara DVBT TV antennas.
 Size: 130mm (5″) height  /  25mm (1″) diam.
Screws not included

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Weight 300 g





Marine Communication


VHF Antennas/Aerials


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