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Ecoworks Marine All Fabric Cleaner RTU 750ml


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Ecoworks Marine All Fabric Cleaner RTU 750ml

This is a fast acting biological soft surface cleaner and deodoriser and is an effective stain remover and deep cleaner for all soft surfaces and fabrics found on Superyachts, sailing and motor yachts, boats, cruise liners and ships. It is excellent at cleaning, carpets, curtains, seats coverings, including leather and vinyl and vinyl soft boat covers. It is also effective at removing protein based spills such as wine, coffee, milk, bird droppings and vomit.


  • Fully biodegradable and environmentally safe formula using naturally derived surfactants and deodoriser.
  • Phosphate free.
  • Easy to use RTU (ready to use) for stain removal and pre-spotting use at full strength.
  • Safe to use on most fabrics but test for colourfastness on a small inconspicuous area first.
  • Leave for 10 minutes then rinse off, or wipe off with a micro fibre cloth.
  • Available in 5 litre (3.78 US Gallons) and 750ml (25.4 fl oz) sizes.
  • Formulation is compliant to MARPOL Annex 5 1.7.5 and is declared not harmful to the marine environment.


Ecoworks® Marine eco-fabric cleaner is an efficient biological liquid for the removal of stains and general soft surface cleaning. Shake well before use. For pre-spotting and stain removal apply the product neat, leave for a few moments before agitating with a microfiber cloth or similar. For general cleaning, dilute at 1:10 with fresh water and spray onto surface to be cleaned. Wipe away with a damp microfibre cloth or leave to dry. Ensure good housekeeping practices at all times.

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