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Dometic Powercare Toilet Tabs (x 20)


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Dometic Powercare Toilet Tabs (x 20)

All features

  • No spills or mess
  • The dose is pre-measured so no possible overdosing and waste
  • Easy storage in a handy tub
  • Suitable for all portable and cassette toilets
  • Fast breakdown of waste without the build-up of unpleasant gas or odours
  • Lighter in weight and less cumbersome than liquids
  • Ready to use tabs in a soluble film

Remove the mess, spillage, clutter and overdosing of liquids with Dometic’s best-selling PowerCare Tabs. These highly effective soluable sanitation tablets are quick and easy to use in a hygenic pre-measured dissolvable form.

Each tab can be added to the tank in a perfect dose that will work fast to break down waste and prevent odours from your portable or leisure toilet system. The resealable tub saves space and is 5x lighter than the equvilent dose in liquid form!

PowerCare tabs are the ultimate convenient and economical way to use toilet chemicals to dissolve your waste.

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Weight 800 g





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