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Deckmate Micro Fibre Wash Head Cover


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Deckmate Micro Fibre Wash Head Cover


Cleaning Simplified: This is the reason Deck Mate products were created. This professional cleaning line is ideal for the everyday user. Deck Mate is a very simple and effective system that combines a telescoping pole and a variety of attachments. All accessories utilize our Quick-Release system, ensuring a firm lock, so that tools cannot come loose during use. Deck Mate is the result of 10 years experience and suggestions from our valued customers.

Description: Special micro fibre cleaning strands are gently yet effective in cleaning any surface. Perfect for washing painted finishes and dear enclosure curtains. Use it dry to dust floors and more. Swivel head allows for easy cleaning of all areas without strain. Holds cleaning solution.

Features: Multi directional swivel head, quick release adapter, exclusive micro fibre strand cover.

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