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Cobra Hand Held VHF Radio HH125


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The Cobra MR HH125 is a fully featured VHF radio with a rugged compact design. Its perfect for recreational boaters or as a portable backup on larger vessels. It comes standard with a removable spring loaded belt clip, lanyard and DC cigarette lighter charger. Anyone who lives, works or plays on the water needs one of these VHF radios. It is packaged with long-lasting rechargeable NiMH batteries that won’t develop a memory when charging. It can also be used with 5 standard AAA alkaline batteries in emergencies.

The backlit LCD and keypad allows it to be used in low light conditions and will turn off automatically to conserve battery power.

1 or 3 watts, Large, bright LCD display, Compact waterproof design, 5 x 850 mAh AAA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries , Pre-programmed with UK M1/M2, Provides extended operating time compared to alkaline batteries with no memory effect. Also works with standard alkaline batteries (not included). 12 Volt Accessory Charger allows charging of batteries in unit using standard jack. Spring Loaded Belt Clip secures the radio while on the go. Easily locks in place. Wrist Strap for ease of carrying and securing while on the go, 1 year limited Warranty.
1 or 3 Watts Dual output power for short and long communication
International, U.S.A. & Canada Allows operation on any of the three (3) different channel Channels Maps established for these areas.
Instant access to channel 16 for emergency situations.
Scan all channels to find conversations in progress.
Signal Strength Meter Shows the strength of outgoing and/or incoming signal.
Button/Key Lock Locks function buttons/keys to eliminate accidental change of settings.
Battery Charge Jack Allows charging of batteries in unit.
Illuminated LCD Display and Keys Allows high visibility of display and keys at night.
Speaker/Microphone Jack Allows connection of hands-free accessories. (Single pin connection)
Waterproof Waterproof to JIS4 standards; splashproof.
Frequency Range 156.025 to 163.275 MHz

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